management board

Moshe Miller
Owner and Chairman of the Group

Other managers

Shai Nachshon CEO, Shoval Engineering

Moti Popovitch CFO, Shuval Group
Frida Meir VP, Shoval Engineering
Yishai Roth VP Marketing and Business Development, Shuval Residential

About the Group
Shuval Group is one of the leading construction groups in Israel in the fields of construction and entrepreneurship. The group was established in 1985 by Moshe Miller, and has grown steadily thanks to a management culture that emphasizes the creation of long-term relations between the company and its customers by implementing accurate, high quality and reliable projects, emphasizing the needs and interests of the entrepreneur and meeting strict timetables and budgets. The Shoval Group emphasizes the caution and stability – both financially, while maintaining financial strength and in-depth examination of the projects, as well as the safety aspects of work and operations, which the Company is meticulous in favor of its employees, contractors And customer The Group’s activities are carried out through Shuval Engineering and Construction Ltd., which is the operational arm of the Group, and Shuval Residential Complex Ltd. – its entrepreneurial arm.

About Shoval Residential Complex
Shoval Residential Complex specializes in the areas of residential entrepreneurship and urban renewal, including the evacuation of construction, NOP 38, demolition and construction, entrepreneurship and development of residential neighborhoods, from the purchase of land, through the planning and construction and delivery of residential and commercial buildings.

Thanks to the strong performance of the sister company, Shoval Engineering, the company’s projects are carried out within the timetables, with high building quality and with the involvement of “every nail that plugs in the building” and a maximum technical specification, which excludes the need for additional expenses for upgrades by the purchasers. The company has a skilled and attentive customer service team, which provides information and solutions to any problems of the purchasers at any stage of the process, including the treatment of repair checks through specialized and professional teams of the company. Over the past few years, the company has leveraged its experience, knowledge and reputation to execute “occupant price” projects, in the light of its belief in the economic and social efficiency of this solution for all parties involved. Thanks to its reputation, Shoval enjoys over-demand for the projects it offers in this framework and a smooth and orderly work process with the statutory and governmental bodies.

Selected projects in entrepreneurship:
Be’er Sheva: In the Beer Sheva neighborhood, 815 residential units + 3,500 sq.m.
Kiryat Yam: In the Gali Yam neighborhood, 340 housing units were built.
Shoval on the ridge: Ranges with 124 housing units.
Shoval Touch: Kiryat Bialik, 38 housing units.
Shoval in Carmel Haifa: 11 luxury residential units.
Shoval in the Moshava: Pardes Hanna-Karkur – residential project, construction of 27 residential units + commercial area in the heart of the Moshava in Karkur.
Aloni Zoran: A project that includes 30 luxury residential units in the old Zoran.

Shoval Engineering & Construction Ltd.
Focuses on the planning and execution of logistics centers, public buildings, commercial centers, industrial buildings and offices. Which has the highest contractual classification – C 5 – and a recognized contractor of the Ministry of Housing. The company has many years of experience in the construction of complex structures, and it provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for the realization of their vision – which includes aspects of planning, handling of all administrative aspects, including approvals and permits. The company’s extensive experience in the dynamic and unpredictable construction market enables it to anticipate, prepare and deal with a wide range of unplanned events to achieve a precise realization of the customer’s vision at the agreed price and within the timetable.

Selected projects in the field of implementation
Fiber Level: An office building built according to the planning method, including 3 parking garages, a commercial floor and an office building, with a total area of ​​35,000 sq.m.
Shop Time: A building that includes an underground parking lot of 30,000 square meters, two commercial floors and two office floors, which constitute the beginning of a 30-storey tower.
Yokka Park: An industrial building with a planning method of 48,000 square meters, including 4 industrial buildings, divided into 12 units each and includes storage and industrial galleries. The project was built for a purchasing group.
Kfar Sava Triangle: An office building with a planning method for a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, a five-story building with an underground parking lot, a commercial floor and 24 office floors.